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With this article we focus on updating your home’s curb appeal with the most popular landscaping ideas using shrubs and bushes.  As you can see from our photos, these flowering plants come in all sorts of sizes and colors.  In 2015, the most popular types of shrubs for landscaping are commonly full of bright colors contrasting with each other.  With all the different shapes and sizes, it can be quite challenging finding which are best for your home, environmental and climate.  Shrubbery is also a cheap investment and does not take much maintenance besides enjoyable trimming.  Check out our online photo gallery with the most popular landscape design pictures in 2015 and allow us to help you plant the best shrubs, bushes and trees for front and backyard. 


Photo Gallery

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In trending designs of 2015, the best types of shrubs and bushes demonstrate the large selection of landscaping optionsavailable for the best design ideas.  This process can be cumbersome and difficult for the novice home landscaper.  However, that does not mean you need to hire someone to start the design for you.  We have several design tips and planning ideas to get you started towards finding the greatest shrubs and bushes for your home.  Most commonly shrubs for landscaping are planted along the house, whether that be in front or on the side.  You may also plant tiny and contrast colored shrubs in the center of your yard surrounding future or existing trees.  Browse through our online pictures with simple landscaping ideas and plans and sort through the many ideas finding the best for your style and taste.


Landscaping Photos

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Before planting new shrubs, the best shrubs and bushes for landscaping ensure the selection of plants is appropriate for your environment and climate.  Many types of shrubs bushes and trees will not survive poorly drained soils or droughty grounds.  Large shrubs have no problem dealing with hot climates, while the smaller species will have trouble reaching full growth and maturity.  The evergreen shrub is the most popular for being able to handle all types of bad weathers and extremely hot climates.  Our favorite types of evergreens for landscaping come in all shapes and sizes and can be trimmed down to dwarf shrub sizes or let grow much larger.  The solid green color in evergreens acts as a nice background design to smaller flowering shrubs of other species.


Landscape Design Ideas

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